Lunar Landing
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COMING! Tell us where you were July 20, 1969. Share your memories of the day man touched the Moon. Read others' stories.
Go Lunar Landing Conference Documents March 4-6, 2008

Day 1 Morning (mp3)
Day 1 morning loaded 2008.03.13 22.18.04
Day 1 Afternoon (mp3)
Day 1 afternoon loaded 2008.03.15 10.22.43


AUDIO NOTE: Day 2 beginnings are rough. The audio begins late in the morning, picking up with the Q&A for Lauri Hansen's keynote address. Thereafter, the first hour of audio is garbled in spots.

Day 2 Morning (mp3)
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Day 2 Afternoon (mp3)
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Day 3 executive panel audio due ON HOLD



John McGrath's Welcome
Jack Schmitt's Steps to Lunar Landing
LLRV Timeline
LLRV Timeline, Panel 1 ppt (85.5 mb)
Go for Lunar Landing Conference Presentation
Panel 1, Part One (Powerpoint in PDF form)
Panel 1, Part Two (Powerpoint in PDF form)
Panel 2 Combined Notes
Dr. Andrew Johnson, JPL, Panel 2
M.S. Robinson, School of Earth and Science Exploration, ASU, Panel 2
Existing Lunar Datasets ppt (2.07 mb)
Dr. Chirold Epp, ALHAT Project Manager, JSC, NASA, Panel 2
Brent A. Archinal, USGS, Flagstaff, AZ, Panel 2
Ray French, Panel 2
Michael Broxton, Panel 2
Panel 3 Introduction
Mike Aucoin, Div. Leader, Draper Laboratory, Panel 3
Graham O'Neil, United Space Alliance, Panel 3
David B. Smith, NASA, Panel 3
Apollo Lunar Module Guidance and Navigation: Lessons for LSAM pdf (656 kb)
This presentation, labeled "Kevin Blankenship," was actually delivered by Smith.


Overview of the NASA Altair Lunar Lander Program, Lauri Hansen NASA Johnson Space Center
D. Zimpfer (Panel 4)
Apollo GNC Overview pptx (Windows 2007 Powerpoint) (3.11 mb)
Ron Sostaric, JSC, NASA, Panel 4
A. Miguel San Martin, JPL, Panel 4
Dr. Shyama Chakroborty, Northrup Grumman Integrated Systems, Panel 4
Ian J. Gravseth, Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp., Panel 4
Tom Gardner, Raytheon Missile Systems, Panel 4
D B Smith / K Oittinen, Panel 4
Final Descent ppt (340 kb)
Ron Li, The Ohio State University; Kul B. Bhasin, NASA Glenn Research Center, Panel 4
GNC Panel Report
Panel 5 (Simulation) Combined Notes


Arizona State's Public Statement of February 25, 2008
Press Release 2008.02.25 doc (46.5 kb)


earthrise image

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